Royal Perth RMO Society Memberships



Welcome to the Royal Perth Hospital RMO Society membership registration system.

This is a beta of a membership management system we are testing to keep track of financial members. Please register if you are a financial member. If you are just interested in becoming more involved with the RPH RMO society but are not sure that you would like to be a financial member you can become an associate of the society and also still register. 

Registrations must be manually approved. You will only be registered as a financial membership once we cross-reference with HCN. If you are not confirmed to be a paying member by HCN you will still be accepted, but you will be listed as an associate member.

If you no longer wish to be a financial member, please contact a committee member and fill in the cancellation form provided on the website. We will make you an associate of the society, but will no longer be a financial member with fudiciary Milligans or food benefits.